Chill Fest Schedule

Please pick and choose you classes - the event is not designed for you to attempt ALL classes.

Listen to YOUR body and honour yourself.

Levels of classes (this is a rough guide to help you plan your day based on your physical abilities - however, all classes are suitable for beginners as long as you listen to YOUR body)

  • L0 = Little to no physical activity, e.g. Meditation
  • L1 = Low impact & restorative, e.g. Tai Chi
  • L2 = Energising & restorative, e.g. Slow Flow
  • L3 = Invigorating & can be high energy, e.g. Power Vinyasa
  • WS = Workshop 

Main Stage

11am - 11.30am - Michella Manifestation L0

11.30am-12pm - Kat John - Meditation L0

12pm-12.30pm - DJ Hawk-I - Reggae Music

12.30pm-1pm - Kate Underwood (Underwood Healing) - Sound Healing Intro with Meditation WS

1pm-1.45pm - Jess Jones (Journey with Jess Jones Yoga) - Healing Hatha Yoga L2

2pm-2.45pm - Shoshana - Dub Chi (Tai Chi with DJ Wonqi Rose spinning Dub Reggae) L1

3pm-3.45pm - Lizette Bell (Living Wholeheartedly) - Vinyasa Flow Yoga L3

4pm-4.45pm - Natja Wunsch (Yoga Loka) - Slow Flow Yoga L2

5pm-5.45pm - Ryan Mannix - Power Flow Yoga L3

6pm-6.45pm - Anna Davies (Ubuntu Wellness) - Mindfulness Meditation L0

6.45pm-7.30pm - DJ Hawk-I - Reggae L0

7.30pm-8.15pm - Hamford McDonald - Yoga Rave L3

8.15pm-9pm - DJ Wonqi Rose - DnB Music

9pm - 9.30pm - Shoshana - Junglist Workout (with DJ Wonqi Rose spinning Jungle & DnB) L3

9.30pm-Close - DJ Wonqi Rose - DnB Rave Music

Workshop Space

11am-12pm - Jess Jones (Journey with Jess Jones Yoga) - Living Yoga Workshop WS

12.15pm-1pm - Liarna Conder (Rhythm and Resonance) - Movement Workshop for Youth (13-21) L2

1.45pm-3pm - Kate Underwood (Underwood Healing) - Sound Healing WS

3.30pm-5pm - Shoshana - Mindfulness & Embodied Love Workshop WS

5.30pm - 6.30pm - Liarna Conder (Rhythm and Resonance) - Movement Workshop L2

7pm - close - Dr. Toby Gifford - Soundscape Experience L0

Extra Space

1pm - 2pm - Brahma Kumaris - Raja Yoga L0

2.30pm - 3.15pm - Libby Maitland (Tiger In The Teapot) - Mamas, Papas & Babas Yoga (up to 4yrs) L2

Krystal Bassett