Transform your life with Kat John

Kat John 

Transformational Coach


To help people be free of pain and suffering. 


To see people turn within for answers, living life connected to who they are and inspiring the people around them to do the same. 


For two decades, all I knew was pain and suffering. 

I lived it, breathed it, spoke it and behaved in ways that was detriment to self love, acceptance and happiness. 

I know what it's like being totally consumed by pain - mentally, emotionally and physically. It effected the way I saw myself, treated myself and treated others. All I could see was what was wrong with me and with life and being alive felt like a burden.

I was sexually abused at the age of 6 and that set me up for years self destruction. I would do this through alcohol, drugs, toxic relationships and treating myself like I was worthless. I did anything to escape the voices in my head and the repressed feelings trying to burst out, but one night I sent myself too far off the rails and it was time to face what I'd been running from - myself.

Kat John

Kat John

It gets better ...

In my early twenties I needed brain surgery to prevent me from becoming a paraplegic. The nerves in my body were being squashed by benign tumours in my spine due to my brain being too big, literally!

Before being diagnosed, I was in chronic pain for six years, medicated and desperate to be anywhere other than where I was. I'd had enough. I had no spirit left in me and I was ready to checkout. But something inside said "no way Kat, you're bigger than what you're going through. Fight!"

Western medicine was failing me and it led me to search for alternative answers. I threw myself into self development and a myriad of self healing tools. It took sheer determination to move out of the dark places I called home and my habits, beliefs and actions needed radical change. When I wanted to give up, I kept focusing on being free.


I hate seeing people stuck and in pain. When someone wants a way out and is 100% ready to make changes, I show them how. 

Through massive shifts in psychology, focus, physiology, energy and meditation practices, my clients leave behind a life that happens by default, to a life where they are the creators of everything they want and desire. 

My professional background is Registered Nursing and Psychology (graduate diploma). In an industry that primarily deals with people's symptoms rather than treating the whole person I saw patient's and clients become victims to their conditions and I got tired of seeing people disempowered.

It was time for me to get out and share the miracles that take place when you reach into your soul and get to know yourself from the inside out.

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