Feel grounded with Ubuntu...


We are grateful to be guided through the art of mindful meditation with Anna Davies!!

Through her wellness practice; Ubuntu Wellness, Anna Davies incorporates her work as a psychologist, mindfulness trainer, yoga and meditation teacher. Anna runs workshops and courses in Mindfulness and Meditation from her home studio in Selby and teaches yoga at "The Studio" in Selby.

"I am passionate about supporting people to understand and embrace all that they are as human beings; healing old wounds, nurturing inner peace, discovering hidden strengths and empowering people to live a life full of meaning, connection and joy.

Anna Davies - Ubuntu Wellness

Anna Davies - Ubuntu Wellness

My work incorporates influences in Western Psychology with Eastern Philosophies, paying respect and working with the mind/body connection.  

My personal belief is that when we can feel peace within ourselves, we can be open to respond with peace to people and the world around us."

Anna's class will guide participants through a Mindful Meditation; connecting to the breath and body with an attitude of curiosity, openness and kindness. This style of meditation can support people to reduce stress, experience more openness and find greater clarity and calm. Participants will then be guided through a compassion exercise as a way of feeling a greater sense of connectedness to self and others. 



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