MIndfulness & Embodied Love xx


We are lucky to have Shoshana as part of Chill Fest !


Shoshana is a certified holistic health and wellness coach, Feminine embodiment mentor, personal trainer and workshop facilitator. She is a self-taught holistic nutritionist with an emphasis on traditional Taoist tonic herbs and western herbal medicine. She focuses on wholesome organic produce, preferably local and seasonal.

After many years of food dogma and following other people's dietary advice, she learnt to listen to her own body's signals and to nourish herself accordingly. She loves creating wholesome and nutritious dishes and is crazy-passionate about fitness that can be done anywhere. No gyms needed!

Being a great believer that you can heal yourself, her life's purpose is to guide you on how to feel in-tune with your own body and begin a journey of self-love, spirituality and true nourishment. From the energetic to the physical, all of these systems have played a key role in her own well-being and her understanding of the foundational connection between the human spirit, mind and body.

Many people are now waking up to their authentic human nature. They’re finding purpose and meaning in their lives. She is here to guide your precious souls to optimum health through, Intuition, Self-growth. natural living, radical self-love, bio-individuality, pleasure, functional yin/yang movement, earth based medicine, health, happiness, and bliss coming from deep within.

Krystal Bassett