Chill Fest 2017 Schedule

Please pick and choose your classes - the event is not designed for you to attempt ALL classes.

Listen to YOUR body and honour yourself.

Levels of classes (this is a rough guide to help you plan your day based on your physical abilities - however, all classes are suitable for beginners as long as you listen to YOUR body)

  • L0 = Little to no physical activity, e.g. Meditation
  • L1 = Low impact & restorative, e.g. Tai Chi
  • L2 = Energising & restorative, e.g. Slow Flow
  • L3 = Invigorating & can be high energy, e.g. Power Vinyasa
  • WS = Workshop 

Main Stage

11am - 11.30am - Michella Manifestation L0

11.30am-12pm - Kat John - Meditation L0

12pm-12.30pm - DJ Hawk-I - Reggae Music

12.30pm-1pm - Katie Underwood (Underwood Healing) - Sound Healing Intro with Meditation WS

1pm-1.45pm - Jess Jones (Journey with Jess Jones Yoga) - Healing Hatha Yoga L2

2pm-2.45pm - Shoshana - Dub Chi (Tai Chi with DJ Wonqi Rose spinning Dub Reggae) L1

3pm-3.45pm - Lizette Bell (Living Wholeheartedly) - Vinyasa Flow Yoga L2

4pm-4.45pm - Natja Wunsch (Yoga Loka) - Slow Flow Yoga L2

5pm-5.45pm - Ryan Mannix - Power Flow Yoga L3

6pm-6.45pm - Anna Davies (Ubuntu Wellness) - Mindfulness Meditation L0

6.45pm-7.30pm - DJ Hawk-I - Reggae L0

7.30pm-8.15pm - Hamford McDonald - Yoga Rave L3

8.15pm-9pm - DJ Wonqi Rose - DnB Music

9pm - 9.30pm - Shoshana - Junglist Workout (with DJ Wonqi Rose spinning Jungle & DnB) L3

9.30pm-Close - DJ Wonqi Rose - DnB Rave Music

Workshop Space

11am-12pm - Jess Jones (Journey with Jess Jones Yoga) - Living Yoga Workshop WS

12.15pm-1pm - Liarna Conder (Rhythm and Resonance) - Movement Workshop for Youth (13-21) L2

1.45pm-3pm - Katie Underwood (Underwood Healing) - Sound Healing WS

3.30pm-5pm - Shoshana - Mindfulness & Embodied Love Workshop WS

5.30pm - 6.30pm - Liarna Conder (Rhythm and Resonance) - Movement Workshop L2

7pm - close - Dr. Toby Gifford - Soundscape Experience L0

Extra Space

1pm - 2pm - Brahma Kumaris - Raja Yoga L0

2.30pm - 3.15pm - Libby Maitland (Tiger In The Teapot) - Mamas, Papas & Babas Yoga (up to 4yrs) L2

Busking around Festival 

Throughout the day - Marty Gabersek - Hand drums L0


Lizette Bell - Living Wholeheartedly. Deeply transformative and authentic yoga practices. Lizette's Vinyasa and Slow Flow classes will leave you feeling connected and grounded as she invites us to experience all of our humanness. Lizette’s facilitation is informed by her study and personal research in Yoga, Bowen Therapy, Kinesiology, spirituality and biomechanics. If you would like to indulge in a class before Chill Fest you can book a session at The Studio in Selby.

Shoshana is a certified holistic health and wellness coach, Feminine embodiment mentor, personal trainer and workshop facilitator. She loves creating wholesome and nutritious dishes and is crazy-passionate about fitness that can be done anywhere. No gyms needed! Join her for Dub Chi, Embodied Love and DnB workout at Chill Fest.

Liarna Conder - Rhythm and Resonance. As a holistic counsellor, yoga teacher, dancer and intuitive movement based specialist, Liarna will take you on a journey; a community gathering in which we come together to explore connection and self expression through conscious movement, dance, music and play.

Hawk-I - Nice Up Crew. Spinning some chill reggae.. maybe some healing 432hz to keep you zen and dancing!

Kat John - Meditation. A transformation coach and meditation facilitator, helping people turn their pain into power.

Libby Maitland - Tiger In The Teapot. After 15 years of yoga practice & graduating as a Hatha yoga teacher in 2012, Libby has since added prenatal and postnatal teacher training to her qualifications. Libby teaches general classes, prenatal classes and mums and bubs classes around the hills. Join her for Mamas, Papas & Babas at Chill Fest.

Hamford McDonald. Hailing from Brookyln NYC, Hamford has gone from Boxer to Philosophy major to Rapper all in one lifetime. This man's passion and drive will keep you in the athlete mindset all year.. yeah!!

Wonqi Rose - Wonqi Rose MusicIf you’re looking for a straight line, you’re looking at the wrong person. Wonqi Rose is a connoisseur of sounds from every corner of the planet, whether it’s digging deep to shed light on the freshest tracks or creating a journey from the comfortable to the bazaar. Her audiences are engaged with bewitching performances, expressed through the realms of enriched sound. Enjoy!

Anna Davies - Ubuntu Wellness. Anna Davies incorporates her work as a psychologist, mindfulness trainer, yoga and meditation teacher. Anna runs workshops and courses in Mindfulness and Meditation from her home studio in Selby and teaches yoga at "The Studio" in Selby. Join her for a mindful meditation session at Chill Fest.

Katie Underwood - Underwood HealingKatie is a singer, sound healer, remedial massage therapist, reiki practitioner and meditation teacher.  She holds a Diploma in Sound Therapy, Diploma of Remedial Massage, Reiki 1 & 2 and is certified as a meditation teacher with Melbourne Meditation Centre. Katie holds regular sound meditations in Belgrave, Bayswater, Mornington, Williamstown, Balaclava, Northcote and Woodend.

Jess Jones - Journey wtih Jess Jones Yoga. Jess has been a travelling yogini since 2004 with strong roots in the Hatha yoga tradition including Ashtanga Vinyasa method, combined with a Fitness, Ayurveda, nutrition and Wellness coaching background. She shares her extensive experience & passion as a unique, inspiring light along the students individual journey inward encouraging their practice to extend beyond the mat. Join Jess on a journey at Chill Fest.

Dr. Toby Gifford is a sound technologist, with a diverse array of research interests under the banner of ‘Sonic Environments’. As a sound-artist and musician he works with multichannel, binaural and ambisonic sound for virtual & augmented reality, immersive installation, and live performance. His practice utilises generative algorithms alongside field recording, with application in bioacoustics, aural architecture and computational creativity.